5-Minutes Bedtime Reminders For Little Ones

5-Minutes Bedtime Reminders For Little Ones

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Surrounded by children at her workplace in the Paediatric Department, mother of four, Dr. Anayasmin Azmi realized the importance of early instillation of positive values and good Islamic background from a very young age.

She recognises issues that we are currently facing with our young generation, hence tries to improve it via creative way through Islamic stories for children


  1. Allah is very close
  2. Love yourself and be confident
  3. Proud to be a Muslim
  4. Love Allah
  5. Love and Respect our parents
  6. Only say good words
  7. Use your time wisely
  8. Read good books
  9. Love your teachers
  10. A special person
  11. How to know what is good and what is bad?
  12. In forgiveness there is peace
  13. Use your brain wisely
  14. Answering to Allah
  15. Pride can destroy you
  16. Good to remain active and healthy
  17. Charity is duty
  18. Worshipping Allah
  19. Importance of listening
  20. Thanking Allah

Publisher: Aulad Read & Play
Author: Dr. Anayasmin Azmi

Description: Soft Cover
Size: 18.2 cm by 25.5 cm
Pages: 48 pgs