Say goodbye to slow progress and boring Qaida lessons!

This clever little device understands where your child is on a page and is able to read out anything they touch.

Double-tap a word and Kiitab will also explain its rules to you, making it easier for you to understand what’s going on in each lesson.

Touch the icons at the top of your compatible Read and Rise book and Kiitab will start to play games with your child.

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Kiitab with Read & Rise Book

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As a parent, do you find it hard to sit with and revise with your child because you don’t feel confident in your own tajweed or pronunciation? Or do you simply not have the time to sit with them at home?

As a madrasah headteacher, do you see your students falling behind in lessons because they’re not revising at home?
Lack of revision at home is the single most common reason behind slow progress in the Qaida, leading to months, if not years of frustration for everyone, not to mention a negative learning experience which your child may associate the Quran with for life.

Wouldn’t it be great if children could just revise at home, without the need for parent’s supervision and at the same time, you could be confident that they are listening to the words being pronounced perfectly? That would free up your time and accelerate their progress through the Qaida allowing them to finish in less than half the time.

Well, that’s exactly what Kiitab does for you.

Kiitab is light, portable and so simple to use, that a child can take it with them wherever they go making revision at home something that can be done independently by a child.

This will free up parents’ time at home and teachers’ time in class, confident in the knowledge that your child is listening to the words being perfectly pronounced each time.

Kiitab has enhanced speaker quality, so sounds are easy and clear to understand.

Children can, however, use headphones if you don’t wish to disturb others while learning.

Kiitab comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Read and Rise book along with Kiitab (Kitab pen) allows your child to revise their madrasah lessons at home while listening to the words being pronounced perfectly and with little need of your supervision. This accelerates their progress and makes the experience a lot more fun along the way.

Click the link to view a video on how to use the Kiitab
(Scroll towards the bottom of the page)
Kiitab with Read & Rise Book


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