These Felt Flashcards are made of felt to increase the sensory experience for babies and children while introducing to them the Arabic alphabets. Their colourful nature just attracts children.

Size: 9cm by 11 cm
Pieces: 15 (Double sided)


Baby Friendly
Felt Flashcard are not easily torn. Safe for babies to put inside the mouth

Mobile Friendly
It is small and compact. You can easily put the Felt Flashcard inside your handbag and bring it along wherever you go.

Put the flashcards inside the laundry net and just throw it inside the washing machine! You can also iron them at a low temperature when it’s dry.

Special: Exclusive Omar & Hana Box!

** Fastener String will be included

In stock


We are Sole Distributor of this felt flashcards in Singapore. Interested resellers are welcomed to contact us!

Additional information

Weight 117 g


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